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We love riding our bikes as much as you do! Check out the awesome community rides, events, and cycling clubs that we support. Learn more about the local happenings that interest you, and get involved today!

Monday Night Bikes & Beers Ride

Ride Time: 6pm on Mondays (weather depending).

Start: Uptown Cycles parking lot at 1432 W Morehead St, Charlotte, NC 28208

Distance: 23-30 miles depending on daylight.

Route: Airport Loop

The Monday Night Ride leaving Uptown Cycles is a group ride ranging from 22-30 miles long (depending on daylight). The A group (The Breakaway Group) will leave at 6pm sharp and is a show and go and averages 20mph+. Show and Go means that if you get dropped you are on your own so bring your phone if you don’t know the route!

The B group (the Peloton) will average 17mph and will regroup on any areas where the group breaks up. This will be a no drop ride if everyone can average 17mph. We will have a Strava segment on Mt. Olive for those that want to ride hard up the climb but everyone needs to wait at the top. We will do the same when we go longer on the Muur Van Berewick segment and re-group at the bottom of the hill. We ride 2 up (two parallel lines of riders) and there are usually 1 - 2 designated ride leaders who will migrate between the front and back to help keep the group together and orderly.

If anyone wants to lead a C group (less then 17mph) we would love that! Please message me to start promoting a 3rd group to our ride.

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