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Bike Fitting


A proper bike fit is one of the single most important factors for optimal performance and efficiency, injury prevention, and comfort. As a 15-year kid racing in the junior ranks until I turned professional in 1993, I also wondered if my fit was where it needed to be. I’d ride, get off my bike with my allen key and make a few adjustments and ride another couple of hours. At that time it was all about “feel” and very little was known about dynamic fitting. Moving forward to 2010, I started researching what type of system was out there to help my customers be more efficient on the bike and it was Retul. 

What makes Retul truly unique is that it measures and records the rider's movements in all three planes of movement. No other fit system including 2D video, static fitting, or eyeball fitting provides this level of detail or accuracy. The Retul system eliminates the guesswork and assumptive nature of a bike fit. This results in a rider having a true fit to their bike which in turn will maximize efficiency and performance while avoiding discomfort and injury.

With my experience of over 35+ years of all experiences of cycling and using Retul, we can prevent pain that is common in the knee, hip, and lower back and we will find the most powerful position and comfort for you! What are you waiting for?

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I got a new bike, but it just didn't fit me right.  Chris was great.  We have some tweaks and it feels so much better.  I highly recommend get your bike set up for you so that you can thoroughly enjoy your rides.


Had a great fit with Chris, very knowledgeable as he was able to see problems I was experiencing before I told him.  Definitely recommend setting an appointment to get your next fit with him.


Second bike, Tri bike fitting. Chris has many years of working with triathletes and cyclists, this why I chose him to do my fittings for both my road and Tri bike. The process with the Retul bike fit system is great, but Chris’s  expertise really comes into play with each tweak of the bike to make it  personalized for each person. He offers a plethora of information from physical conditioning to equipment needs to mechanical needs that need to be addressed all the while giving you the best fit for you to achieve your goals.

~ Danny

I've had multiple Retul fits before and this by far was the best experience. Chris did a great job at explaining the numbers and why we were making the changes we were making and fully took into account all of my biomechanics issues. I plan to use Chris in the future for new bike fits. I highly recommend him!


I was in awe of the equipment  and Chris"s knowledge of the Retul fit process. The difference in the way my bike feels is amazing, that being said it was money well spent.


Chris is simply the best. Spent 3 hrs not only setting up my bike but educating me on bike riding as a whole. I can honestly say it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. Thanks Chris!


I have been riding for over 30 years; I should know if a bike fits. Right? Well, that is what I used to think. I had always heard that Chris was good at a fitting, but it just seemed like a lot of time and money. However, my knees were starting to hurt, and I was ordering a new bike, so I thought I would give it a try. It was the best money that I have ever spent on a bike. Finally, I understood how to get more power on the bike, ride further, and what a bike is truly supposed to feel like. I wish that I did this years ago!


Great experience with the bike fit and with Chris. I have been riding for 13 years and never felt completely comfortable or like I was efficient as I could be. I recently bought a new bike and felt like it was the perfect time to get a professional bike fit. It was all I was hoping it would be. Turns out my fit from my old bike was off in some critical areas. I now feel more comfortable and that I’m finally efficient on the bike.


Decided after a couple of years to schedule a fitting with Chris. I have to say it was the best decision. Chris took the time to collect history body type current bike set up range of motion and my expectations. The RETUL 3D Motion Capture Fit  WOW the system is incredible and changed my set up and gave me a new awareness of my current riding position and what needed to change. I would recommend any cyclist to schedule a time ITS WORTH IT if you want to enjoy or improve your cycling.


Cannot recommend Chris enough!!! Chris is professional, knowledgable, personable and genuinely wants you to be 100% comfortable on the bike so you can get out and ride. I will be coming back to Chris in the future!!!


I had an appointment with Chris for a bike fit. First off, he is an amazing guy with a ton of knowledge. I enjoyed my whole bike fit. We made many small changes to my bike and so far I feel great on it. I had some knee and wrist pain and so far that is gone. I highly recommend a bike fit and most of all recommend it with Chris!! Thank you, Chris!


I made an appointment with Chris for a Retul bike fit for my road and gravel bikes. We made some pretty significant changes from the way I had been sitting on the bikes. As a matter of fact I cringed at my before pictures. Everything looks and feels so much better know. It felt great knowing I had a knowledgeable and professional bike fitter making recommendations for me based on my body’s range of motion and my unique physiology. Did I mention that he is a super nice guy!  As a matter of fact, everyone in the shop was super helpful. When I arrived at the shop, one of the guys followed me out to the car to help me bring everything inside. In summary, I was very happy and impressed with the process and people. Chapeau guys!

~Edward R.

With a strong focus on criterium racing my riding style is aggressive and power oriented. So my position on the bicycle needed to support that. Chris made it easy to decide on a Retül Fit by having a fully custom fit and position tailored to my riding style. Additionally, being able to transferable my fit data to other bicycles or future bicycles is a no brainer. Chris understood my racing goals and we dialed in a fit that checked all the boxes.


I had been curious about Retul for a while and with the endorsement of a friend and fellow triathlete, I booked a session with Chris. Beyond the treasure trove of data, Chris was extremely patient, explained every detail of the process and tailored the fit to my specific race needs. Extremely impressed and I'll be back without doubt.


I am brand spanking new to the cycling community. Chris was so amazing with not only making my bike comfortable but also with answering all my questions (and I had a lot of them) to become better at cycling. He even helped me out with fitting a new saddle on my bike for a second go around. Can't say enough great things about my experience.

~Jesus D.

Had a Retül fitting with Chris. Great experience and very informative on how to maximize efficiency on my bike. Overall good vibe from this place. Would highly recommend.


Super professional environment and super happy with how both of my fits have gone. Thanks Chris!

~Patton S.

Another fantastic experience getting fitted by Chris, this time for a road bike.  Saw Chris initially about 6 years ago before my first Ironman.  He got me totally dialed in position-wise.  Felt comfortable during all those hours in the saddle on training rides going into the race, and during the event.  I had the peace of mind knowing the fit on the bike is not the issue if any nagging physical issues came up.  Just got a road bike last month, and I knew I had to have Chris get me into the same comfort level I can trust in.  Not only is Chris good at fitting, he is just such a nice guy.  Can't recommend him more!


I’ve had trouble getting “comfortable” on the bike, and a Retul fit has been the answer to many of my issues. Chris at Uptown not only used the technology that Retul provides, but also years of cycling experience to customize solutions and address nagging issues I was having. Whether you race, or like me, are fighting to stay on the bike as you age and deal with injuries, a Retul fit is a must!


I consider myself to be a rookie cyclist who have taken up road cycling at a late stage. After friendly recommendations by the masses and the constant discomfort of riding a road bike it was time to get rid of numbness in my right hand and get better speed and power on the bike. Uptown Cycling has the master class tool in the Retul technology to optimize each individual position on a bike to gain comfort and the joy of riding. With Chris awesome experiences and the professionalism he brings along with the technology of Retul, this is a must for everyone regardless of status. My hand position have improved, legs are now spinning freely and not grinding as before. I highly recommend this fit for any cyclist at any level.


Chris did such a great job fitting me on my road bike I went back right away to get fit for my tri-bike. As a former professional cyclist Chris is a wealth of information and generous with his time. The staff is very friendly and helpful. My only complaint is that I wish the shop was closer to my home. I would recommend this bike shop to novice and advanced cyclists.


I've been riding this perfectly tuned fit for months now. I have never felt more comfortable in aero or with my cycling dynamics. Finished IM North Carolina 70.3 last weekend and it was easily my best bike experience. Held aero nonstop and PR'd my bike. I should have gotten a pro fitting 10 years ago! 

~Michael S